I am an avid amateur photographer. I am a photographic judge and I also present photography lessons. The photography lessons cover the basic features of digital cameras, such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance and composition.

Industrial structures - Railway
In this image converging lines are used creatively to give a three dimensional feel.

The low position of the photographer adds interest and the black and white format enhances the fact that working in the rail industry is a hard and unforgiving life.

The photo was formatted to black and white using elementary photo software. This is much more effective than using the in-camera software.

Reflections - Sentry 3-v-p-richard_stone-reflections

Using light creatively is my favourite photography

In this image a tungsten security light illuminated the trees
next to a small fishing dam near Rustenburg.

The long exposure (13
seconds) did not only capture the trees and their reflections well, but also
made for a very interesting sky.

Portraits - Larissa3-1-por-richard_stone-marissa

Natural light is definitely my choice of light source when doing portraits. 

In this case the late afternoon sunlight was used to create a soft light on the model. The light was scattered using a thin curtain as diffuser. 

Using the light from the side defined the form of the model more creatively than a front light would have done.

Night lights - V&A Waterfront
In this photo the HDR (high dynamic range) technique was used. This technique requires more than one exposure of a scene which is then combined in post production to enhance the dynamic range captured in the photo. 

Using the HDR technique allows for a photo to look the way the human eye views the scene.


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